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Numerical Roster Countdown: Day 47, Dan Paul

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The countdown keeps chugging along and we'll soon have more to get excited about than women's soccer. Now that's good news.

We've got 47 days until today we'll be highlighting #47 on the Boise State roster—Dan Paul

#47, Dan Paul, Senior, FB



Height: 6'0"

Weight: 250 lbs. 

High School: Sam Barlow High School, Boring, OR

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Paul earned 5 letters at Sam Barlow High School in Boring, OR—3 in football, and 2 in track and field. Dan was named first-team all-conference as linebacker and second team-all-conference as an offensive lineman in both his junior and senior years and was honorable mention all-state at linebacker and offensive lineman in both years as well. As a senior, Paul was named team captain and defensive MVP, and was a finalist for the scholar-athlete award. Aside from football greatness, Paul was a gym rat and won the Oregon weightlifting championships with a 355 lb. bench, 355 lb. power clean, and a 600 lb. squat. Paul camped at Boise State, Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington, but only received an offer from Boise State. He grayshirted and joined the squad in January of 2008.


"The Man"

This nickname endorsed by Paul's vicious blocking style and also his chest mane.




Career highlights

Blocking back on Bronco team that finished 21st in the nation in rushing offense. Named to WAC All-Academic team in 2010. Made 4 starts at fullback in 2010 and 11 game appearances. Amazing 3 TDs in 4 receptions in 2009. As a blocking back in 2009, paved the way for Bronco rushing attack that amassed nearly 200 yards/game.

Career lowlight

Injuries forced grayshirt.

2011 prospectus

Dan Paul is easily one of my favorite players on the team despite being a blocking back that rarely gets carries or receptions. Why? Well, because he brings an intensity to the position that has a very tangible effect on the offense. I know it's hard to pay attention to the fullback when you've got Kellen Moore tip-toeing in the pocket or Doug Martin hitting the line of scrimmage like a Mack truck...but do yourself a favor and watch Dan Paul when he's in the game. He attacks his blocks like a mad man, or you might say, he attacks his blocks like a linebacker trying to lay a hit on someone—this is not a coincidence—he was recruited as a linebacker and made the switch after his grayshirt year. Paul brings intensity to the weight room as well—posting a 406 lb. hang clean during offseason testing and last year was matched by only CB Ebo Makinde in the vertical jump at 37 inches and is closing in on 600 lbs. in the back squat. In short, he's everything you want a fullback to be. He's not going to get much glory or acquire many stats, but his value to the team is incalculable. With that, I'll leave you with my 3 favorite Dan Paul photos that illustrate my points perfectly.



Location: FedEx Field. Dan Paul status: Mildly Pumped



Game: Oregon 2009. Byron Hout status: Jawpunch'd. Dan Paul status: Non-plussed



Game: Fiesta Bowl Part Deux. Doug Martin status: Airborne. Dan Paul status: Blowin' up Tank Carder

Dan Paul is a senior this year. My status: Bummed.

Completely made up fact

Dan Paul ate an entire box of "Grape Nuts" before he realized it was actually gravel. Only a small difference, if you ask me.