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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-18-11


Trailer for Kellen Moore's ESPN interview with Urban Meyer

It's no new Mission: Impossible trailer, but it's close.  

(via: NotThatPokey)

Defense beats offense in Boise State charity softball game

Good luck living that one down all of Fall Camp. Update: Loque found a superb photo gallery.

Yahoo's Mountain West predictions: Boise State rules, everyone else drools

The Purple Y predicts the Broncos will win the conference in a romp, TCU will be at least a one-loss team before their matchup with the Broncos, and five of the eight Mountain West teams will go bowling. Plus, Mike Locksley will get fired, so everyone wins.

Georgia ranks as Phil Steele's second most-improved team

No. 1 is Houston, No. 120 is Idaho (just kidding, but not really).

Mountain West ahead of Big East in ESPN conference rankings (Insider)

Based on a formula where you get one point for a BCS contender, one point for each Top 25 team, one point for each bowl team, and minus one for everyone else, the Mountain West comes in at a robust 8. The WAC comes in at a turrible -2. I'll put the rest of the rankings in the comments for those who do not have or do not care to have an ESPN Insider subscription.