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Important Boise State football dates, important Boise State football giveaway

For those of you making plans for the next few weeks, here is what's going on in the world of Boise State football. Plan the rest of your world accordingly.

  • July 26-27 - Mountain West media days, Las Vegas
  • August 4 - Boise State fall practice begins
  • August 20 - Boise State fall scrimmage open to the public (7:00 p.m., Bronco Stadium)
  • September 3 - Football

Between now and then, you can expect OBNUG to have tons of new posts on Boise State position previews, season preview pieces, practice reports, all-conference picks, and much, much more. Maybe even an MS Paint thread, if you're good.

And since it's Friday and it's summer and football is so tantalizingly close but still so frustratingly far away, I thought I'd pull some swag out of the OBNUG prize closet. Giveaway details are after the jump.

Giveaway item: Boise State garden gnome

No garden is complete without watermelon and a Boise State garden gnome. The good people at Gnome Frenzy can help you out in the gnome department. Try Fred Meyer for the watermelon seeds.


Giveaway rules

Leave a comment on this post.

Really, it's that simple. You have until Monday at noon to comment, and then I'll pick one random comment as the winner. If you want brownie points (not that they'll matter much in a random draw), you can leave a comment with a mnemonic device for remembering the new WAC teams

Happy commenting.