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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-13-11

Handy Boise State schedule calendar / TV guide


You know your TV contract is funky when your schedule poster reads like a DirecTV wiki. 

The TCU - Boise State rivalry of sorts

Chadd Cripe wrote this piece for Lindy's, explaining the three-game history between these two schools and why it seems like this rivalry has been going on for ages. Because the BCS makes people age prematurely, that's why.

(via: smurfturfer)

Four Broncos named to Lombardi watch list

Nate Potter and Billy Winn were givens. But Shea McClellin and Thomas Byrd? Pure gravy. The Rimington Trophy (best center) watch list comes out today. Thomas Byrd better keep his cell phone turned on.

(via: Pac 10 alum)

Boise State football's annual softball game this Saturday

Gates at Hawks Stadium open at 5:00, home run derby at 6:00,  game at 7:00, and incessant teasing of Billy Winn's swing begins at 7:15.

EA Sports video game simulation: Boise State wins national championship

Over South Carolina? I don't understand it, but I'll take it.

(via: Denise)

Davien Payne could really use a time machine right about now

The high school running back phenom kept Boise State waiting, and now it's probably too late. The latest: Payne still wants to be a Bronco. Broncos may not have room for Payne. Shame, too, since I was looking forward to the headline puns.

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