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What is the Boise State football team's biggest question mark for 2011?

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Boise State is blessed to have exclamation points where other teams have periods and colons and punctuation you're not entirely sure how to use. The Broncos have Kellen Moore (exclamation point). Fresno State has Derek Carr (ampersand). BSU has Doug Martin (exclamation point). TCU has Ed Wesley (tilde over the "n"). Boise State has Coach Pete (exclamation point). New Mexico has Mike Locksley (punched a guy in the face). There are enough exclamation points up and down the roster to fuel a David Augusto profile ten times over.

That being said, there are at least one or two question marks on this team. I have done my best to "Where's Waldo" them after the jump, and it's up to you to decide which one most often keeps you up at night. Place your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll. Let's begin.

Many of the college football preview magazines have been kind enough to point out the tiny baby handful of Boise State flaws. This seems to be their consensus:

  • Replacing Austin Pettis and Titus Young at wide receiver
  • Complete lack of experience in the kicking game
  • Losing Bryan Harsin
  • A void at strong safety
  • Starting two newbies on the right side of the O-line
  • Playing in a brand new conference against brand new teams

The biggest question mark for me is the kicking game. Do you realize that we will go into the Georgia game with a placekicker whose first college kick will be in the Georgia game? This terrifies me, even more than clowns and deep water. Maybe being in deep water swimming with clowns - that would be close.

The kicking game gets my vote. What gets yours? Vote in the poll and then explain your vote in the comments.