The pre-season Mikrino Poll - complete with mean-spirited comments about Georgia.

Welcome back Bronco fans! I took some time to relocate, and now I'm ready to break in another season of banhammers, trolls, and incendiary arguments, of which I win ALL of them. This is already a whole lot more fun than cross-country moves! What could possibly be more fun than this? Laughing at imbred Georgia rednecks......


The kid in free fall... that's papaw's uncle... papaw's his grandpappy. No branches on this tree.

From my perusing the threads and comments from the time I missed, most of it has been pretty tame, aside from Darth Prophet's flame out, which I missed. But I digress, we have bones to pick. Let me get this started off on the right foot.

I hate the Georgia Bulldogs. And when they lose 10-6 in a semi-bowl game to Central Florida, it's safe to say that God hates them too. God rides shotgun on the Bronco Nation bandwagon. Proof you ask...



You're doing it wrong.

SO since this is just a pre-season flame war primer, I'll keep it short and leave it to you to decide where we go from here.

 And welcome back everyone, because I didn't miss out, YOU DID.

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