Summer is boring...

Now that the rising seniors that want to play at the next level (and a few rising juniors, as well) have received their evaluations from me (as well as their families) - 30 in all - I have more free time.  Free time is bad.  Free time causes me to do things like play video games on the Playstation 3, or spend too much time on sports-oriented message boards and blogs.  Then I do things like this:

Work-In-Progress LEGO creation of Bronco Stadium

Or this:

Boise State Uniforms - NCAA 12

Or this:

Boise State Pro Combat - NCAA 12

Summer needs to hurry up and end.  Then my life can be consumed by a combination of Boise State football, coaching the offense of a HS team, and teaching social studies and english to teenagers where "ancient" history is 5 minutes ago - not 500 years ago - and "proper" grammar includes terms like "LMAO," "G2G," and other nonsense that has caused me to fail multiple papers the last two years.

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