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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-9-11

Boise State preview featured on CFN homepage


For a website that listed the Broncos as the No. 4 non-BCS team in the country, they sure do have some awfully nice things to say about them.  

America, it's time to ditch your preconceived notions of what a successful college football program should be. Just because Boise State is tucked away in Idaho, and just because it doesn't get the four and five-star super-recruits like Alabama, Texas, or Ohio State, that doesn't mean the brand of football is any less successful.

No predictions were made, except that anything less than a 10-2 season would be a colossal failure.

Phil Steele spoiler alert: Boise State at No. 3 in Steele's Top 25

This, according to Detroit News writer David Goricki, who wasted no time getting down to his Barnes and Noble once Steelemag hit newsstands. The Broncos are behind Alabama and Oklahoma and just in front of Oregon, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame. The No. 3 team will be featured Monday on Steele's website. Plan your Internet browsing accordingly.

(HT: Jahkass)

NCAA 12 spoiler alert: Boise State at No. 8 in a video game

The EA Sports crew ranks the Broncos in the Top Ten and with a school prestige score of five out of six. Better yet, Idaho is the 99th-best team in the game with a prestige score of one. Also, TCU coach Gary Patterson is half Jabba the Hut. You need this game.


Mountain West prepares for playoff push

Unless, of course, this BCS thing works out. In which case, forget we said anything.

Bruce Feldman reminds everyone that Coach Pete is a great coach

Petersen comes in at No. 5 on Feldman's list of coaches who have elevated programs to new, non-Human-Bowl heights. It's Insider content, so here, I copied the Coach Pete paragraph.

Broncos football and its famed blue turf had flashed onto the national radar before Coach Pete took over for Dan Hawkins, but they were more of a curiosity then. They'd still only had one top-15 finish before Petersen's first season in 2006. Since then, they've gone a staggering 61-5, been in the top 15 four times and in the top 10 three times.