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Where will Boise State end up in SB Nation's Conference Re-Draft?

The founding fathers at SB Nation's NCAA headquarters have come up with a boffo way of killing time this summer: Blow up the current NCAA conferences and piece them back together based on important factors like how good a school is at athletics. 

What will be Boise State's fate in this re-draft project? Will the Broncos be one of the first off the board? Will small school status drop them to the later rounds? Where should I be sending bribe money?

Discuss the Broncos' place in this conference do-over, and feel free to share how you would choose if you were in charge. Official rules are after the jump. 

SB Nation conference re-draft objectives

  1. Explore the values of individual schools by drafting them sequentially
  2. Have fun strategically building a conference of schools
  3. Washington State jokes

SB Nation conference re-draft rules

There will be six conferences, chaired by six bloggers from the SB Nation family of blogs. The draft will proceed in a snake style so that the conference picking sixth (last of the first round) will also pick seventh (first of the second round). Conferences must have at least 12 teams.

Factors to consider in drafting a school

  • Academics
  • Co-eds
  • Weather/Desirability of Destination
  • Historic Success
  • Traditions
  • TV Revenue Potential
  • Ethics
  • Rivalries (two teams)

Factors to not consider

  • Geographical / travel concerns
  • Current conference rivalry / history / tradition

SB Nation conference re-draft location

The home of the conference re-draft will be Oklahoma State's Cowboys Ride for Free blog, but don't fear: I'll let you know here on OBNUG when the Broncos get drafted. The draft begins behind closed doors this next week, and the slow reveal will take place all summer long. Kind of like an NCAA investigation decision. Stay tuned.

Your turn

On your mark ... get set ... go!