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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-28-11

All Boise State games now available to CableOne subscribers

Subscribers like sign-language lady and old man Internet and chubby hugs guy and token Hispanic couple. Watch CableOne make those people smile and spill popcorn in the bed.

The cable provider will complete its trifecta of Mountain West channels when it adds CBS College Sports or whatever it's called now to its Digital Value Pack on August 1. The CBS Sports channel will carry three Boise State football games, and if headlines at the Mountain West website are any indication, it may also make you a better college sports fan and person:

Cable ONE Customers Gain Access to In-Depth Coverage of College Sports, Including Boise State and Mountain West Conference Football

(via: mike)

Start preparing mentally for Crunch Wrap Supreme Stadium

In an Idaho Statesman article on the big-budget dreams of Gene Bleymaier, the Boise State AD made it clear that he's willing to wring as much money out of that stadium as people are willing to pay, starting now.

After years of trying, Boise State has not sold the naming rights to Bronco Stadium. "That's a priority because that's an opportunity," Bleymaier said.

That means you, Simplot.

Speaking of things not every Bronco fan wants ...


The Boise State - Idaho game is still a possibility. That should make 50 percent of you happy and 50 percent of you irate.

Coach Pete named the third-best coach who does the most with the least

The article compares how good a coach is to how good his recruiting rankings are. About time that five-person recruiting class started paying dividends.