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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-24-11

Happy Friday, amigos. 

Here's what the Manning brothers have been doing with their offseason:

Boise State - Georgia predictions according to Hollywood movie scripts

SB Nation Atlanta comes up with as good a way as any to predict the outcome of the September 3 showdown - by casting the Bulldogs and the Broncos as main characters in popular films. Allegorical movies include Glengarry Glen Ross, Any Given Sunday, Rocky Balboa (the new one), The Godfather, Anchorman, and Jerry Maguire. Hollywood's conclusion: Boise State is going to win and Georgia is going to end up with some sort of drug problem.

Speaking of the Boise State - Georgia game ...

Georgia Internet commenters, everyone. Give them a hand (and an atlas).


Broncos place eight on Blue Ribbon All-MWC team

Blue Ribbon shows great restraint.

(via: howiestheman)

Nevada's least favorite Boise memory would include Jeff Rowe, wouldn't it?

I mean, Jeff Rowe was pretty terrible. Also, I recommend you stop reading the above article once it gets to "Best Memory" territory.

Dennis Dodd takes the temperature of every D1A coach's seat

On a scale of 0 to 5, Coach Pete comes in at a 0.5, and Robb Akey comes in at a 1.0. I think you should check your scale, Mr. Dodd.