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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-22-11

Here's a Wednesday pick-me-up.

Southern Miss has a better chance of going undefeated than Boise State

According to resident football Mensa Phil Steele, the Golden Eagles score perfect in four of his nine power ratings, which is good for the fourth-best total in the country, behind only Virginia Tech (8), Oklahoma (6), and Alabama (5). The Broncos go undefeated in three of Steele's ratings. Go ahead and get upset about that for a few minutes, but then remember that it is BSU who ranks No. 3 in Steele's Top 25 and Southern Miss who ranks No. 20. FACE, computers.

BCS commissioners get paid a filthy amount of money

Four of the six BCS commishes make over $1 million, which is well above the median pay for our country's finest university presidents. Meanwhile, the WAC just started direct deposit.

Horned Frog preview at least half about Boise State

The Broncos will be a running theme in all TCU previews this fall, and the CFN piece linked above is no exception.

... if TCU really is worthy of playing for the whole ball of wax, then it should be good enough to handle (Boise State).

But wait, just last week CFN loved the Broncos. I am so confused.

More links (and cake) after the jump.

Wonderful Marcus Rios article, hilarious Nevada admission

Four-star CB recruit Marcus Rios will be the next in a long line of great Boise State DBs, provided he can withstand the overtures of UCLA, USC, and ... Nevada? Seriously, Chris Ault. There are better things you could be doing with your time.

(via: Jeffkills)

TCU fans know how to make a wedding cake


All future OBNUG lovebirds, the bar has been set. Get to work on that Las Vegas Bowl cake.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to OBNUG reader Joebert. May all your birthday wishes come true.

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