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How recent Boise State commits fit into the Bronco backfield for the next five years

The last several weeks have been a very newsy time for Boise State recruiting, especially when it comes to the running back position. The Broncos have secured commits from three backs, including the Texas duo of Devan Demas and Jack Fields. Does BSU have room for one more big-time back? And how and when do these future stars fit into Boise State's backfield future? 

Inspired by an inquisitive FanPost and an informative comment, here is what the RB breakdown may look like for the next five years:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Doug Martin - Sr. D.J. Harper - Sr. Jay Ajayi - Jr. Jay Ajayi - Sr. Jack Fields - Sr.
D.J. Harper - Jr. Raphiel Lambert - Sr. Jack Fields - So. Jack Fields - Jr. Devan Demas - Jr.
Raphiel Lambert - Jr. Jay Ajayi - So. Devan Demas - rFr. Devan Demas - So.  
Jay Ajayi - Fr. Jack Fields - Fr.      
Redshirt Redshirt Redshirt Redshirt Redshirt
-- Devan Demas -- -- --

This depth chart assumes a couple of things: 1) Jay Ajayi will play as a true freshman, which is something that has been all but guaranteed since Matt Kaiserman's early retirement, 2) Jack Fields will graduate early, join the Broncos early, and play as a true freshman, much like George Iloka did back in 2008, and 3) 2012 verbal commit Shane Rhodes will play slot receiver rather than RB. Bonus assumption: D.J. Harper will be ambulatory.

Some observations ...

Are the Broncos still interested in Cali RB Davien Payne?

Payne may be Southern California's best RB prospect, and he has had the Broncos near the top of his list for some time. But does Boise State have room for him? Judging by the above depth chart, yes. It will be a tight squeeze, like Robb Akey into a tankini or like the Bronco backfields of years past with Doug Martin, Jeremy Avery, and D.J. Harper. Plus, imagine a backfield of Jay Ajayi, Jack Fields, and Payne. I just did, and now I have to lie down for a moment.

Boise State's running back position is kind of thin right now

The Broncos typically like to only take a maximum of two backs per class, but you have to wonder if the current depth chart might force their hand. Boise State has five backs listed on their roster now that former backup Carlo Audagnotti is gone. Four of them are upperclassmen, and the fifth is true freshman Ajayi. 

Some highlights ...

Because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't?

Devan Demas highlights - 

Jack Fields highlights -


Davien Payne highlights - 

Your turn

What do you think of Boise State's running back position in the future? Anything you would change on the potential depth chart? Will Davien Payne choose the Broncos? Share your thoughts in the comments.