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Boise State football links and stuff, 6-1-11

Welcome to the debut of the new morning link format. High fives all around!

Boise State - Nevada sets kickoff time for 12:30 on Versus (link)

That doesn't give fans very much time to roll out of bed on Saturday morning, grab a cup of coffee, and find Versus.

Athlon Sports counts down the top five moments in Boise State history (link)

Kudos for getting the 1980 national championship season on the list, but no mention of Boise State beating Fresno State in 2001? Sorry. This list is invalid.

Coaches on the hot seat: One quarter of Boise State's opponents (link)

That would be Georgia's Mark Richt, Colorado State's Steve Fairchild, and New Mexico's Mike Locksley. In related news, no WAC coaches appeared on the list, so Karl Benson Party, y'all!

Boise State's Arbiter keeping busy with Vandal smack this summer (link)

To quote Arbiter columnist Rebecca De Leon:

Our football team makes theirs look like a wimpy kiddie league of sissy men.

Well said, Ms. De Leon, and I am not just saying that because you used OBNUG as a source in your story. I am saying that because I hate the Vandals.

Austin Pettis to sign autographs at the mall tomorrow (link)

Terrifying moment at OBNUG headquarters (link)