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Weekend discussion thread: Name your favorite Mountain West uni

There are no wrong answers to this week's discussion thread - only answers that would make professional fashion designers question your sanity. For instance, "Wyoming." Personally, I don't think the Cowboys' unis are all that bad, but that's coming from a guy who tucked his button-up shirts into his jeans all four years of high school.

So what Mountain West school has the best uniforms? Do you favor the classics, like Air Force's lightning bolts or Colorado State's ram horns? Will you go to the grave swearing by the Broncos' blues and oranges? Share your thoughts in the comments, and hit the jump for pics of each school's jersey (because no one expects you to remember what UNLV's uniforms look like).

As part of the May Mountain West roundtable, my conference co-bloggers and I ranked the Mountain West jerseys from hot to not. Here is our consensus:

  1. Air Force
  2. (tie) TCU
    (tie) Colorado State
  3. Boise State
  4. San Diego State
  5. Wyoming
  6. New Mexico
  7. UNLV

The only No. 1 votes that were not for Air Force were by bloggers for Wyoming and Colorado State who used their No. 1 votes on Wyoming and Colorado State, respectively. Homers much?




New-mexico-uniforms_medium San-diego-state-uniforms_medium


Unlv-uniforms_medium Wyoming-uniforms_medium