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Weekend comment thread: Design your own football conference


Starting this year, EA Sports' NCAA Football video game franchise will give users complete control over conference realignment, and I mean complete control - everything is fair game from expansion size to division names to bowl tie-ins to championship venues. Guess what Karl Benson is getting for his birthday?

So, the question for you: How would you design your own college football conference?

An opportunity like this is too good to limit to video game buyers or non-Gamecube owners, so let's hear what you'd do. Share your conference plans in the comments. My choices are after the jump.

My first choice: A Pac-16 conference with Boise State, TCU, BYU, and Idaho in addition to the current 12 teams. Divisions would be named after Dairy Queen treats. The conference championship game would be played in in Glendale, Arizona (good luck for the Broncos). The bowl tie-ins would be the Rose, Fiesta, Holiday, Poinsettia, and Human bowls. 

My second choice: A four-team WAC Lite with Boise State, Idaho, Fresno, and Nevada, and a bowl tie-in to the Rose Bowl. This would allow the Broncos to schedule whoever they want for the other eight games and still make a BCS bowl every year. Bonus: Jim Delany would have a heart attack.

Your turn

What would your conference realignment plan look like? Would you shoot for the stars with the Broncos in a big-time conference? Or would you scale things back and keep BSU playing its traditional rivals? Share your thoughts in the comments.