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Bronco Nation Public Enemy No. 1 intro: Bring on the tools!

Get your despising on, Bronco Nation. The time has come to get all passive-aggressive in our dislike for the persons and things who dislike our Broncos. It's time to name the fourth annual Public Enemy No. 1 for the Boise State football team.

The candidates this year include a troll, a blowhard, a blowhard troll, and a write-in vote, so the possibilities for nemeses are endless. Here are the nominees:

  • Gil Lebreton, columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Enjoys being a TCU homer, whining about how Boise State gets special treatment, and getting things wrong.
  • Jim Delany, commissioner, Big Ten. Hates little guys, loves the BCS, and has too much money.
  • Mark Schlereth, ESPN "analyst" and Idaho alumnus. Is an Idaho alumnus.

These three scourges will be joined by a fourth, and that fourth scourge is up to you. Vote in the poll below to decide who gets the call for the No. 4 nominee and feel free to make your case in the comments. The candidates for the fourth and final spot include the tyrannical Mountain West television contract, Idaho Statesman columnist meatball Brian Murphy, and reigning Public Enemy and nub Mark May.

Cases will be stated for all the nominees this week and then a vote will be held to determine BSU's next Public Enemy. The new P.E. gets a year's worth of scorn and will be the default butt of jokes every time we need a default butt. Share your feelings on who's the favorite in the comments, and don't forget to vote in the poll. Go Broncos! Down with all of these guys/things!