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Bronco Nation's People's Champion intro: Three cheers for these guys / things!

First off, apologies for that video. The 80's have not aged well. Second, welcome to the first annual People's Champion competition! Consider it the Bizarro Public Enemy or Opposite Mark May. The Bronco Nation universe is full of white knights and Chuck Norris types who carry the Bronco flag week in and week out. Here's our chance to give them a hearty, wordy pat on the back. The candidates:

  • Pat Forde, ESPN columnist and Bronco bus driver
  • Chadd Cripe, Boise State beat reporter and journalist supreme
  • Playoff PAC, federal anti-BCS committee and Bill Hancock's worst nightmare
  • Dan Wetzel, Yahoo columnist and BCS euthanasia author

The fifth and final candidate is up to you. Vote in the poll below to decide who joins the four heroes above for the People's Champion award. Options include Boise State president and Vandal hater Bob Kustra, CBS host and fan of the little guy Tim Brando, and former Bronco safety and current Twitter magnate Gerald Alexander.

Just like Public Enemy No. 1, the OBNUG team will be stating the cases for each of the candidates over the next week or so, and then we'll let you all vote on the winner. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on who the clubhouse favorite is, and don't forget to vote in the poll. Go Broncos. And yay these guys / things!