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2011 NFL Mock Draft projections for Boise State players

The NFL Draft begins Thursday night, and in what has become an annual tradition, Boise State players will play key roles. Titus Young may go early in round two. Austin Pettis may follow soon after. Jeron Johnson and Ryan Winterswyk may get drafted - one of them perhaps as a tight end.

Who knows? Well, some experts after the jump think they know. I ran down some of the NFL mock drafts floating around the Internet to get a pulse on Boise State's NFL Draft prospects. See where Young, Pettis, and the gang may land, and feel free to share your mocks and thoughts in the comments.

Boise State players in Russ Lande's seven-round mock draft

Sporting News NFL writer and renowned draft nerd Russ Lande filed a seven-round NFL mock draft last week. Seven rounds, people. This puts my NFL Draft phrase bingo game to shame.

Here are the Boise State players and where Lande picked them:

  • Titus Young - Round 2 - No. 55 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Austin Pettis - Round 6 - No. 188 overall to the Indianapolis Colts
  • Ryan Winterswyk - Round 7 - No. 250 overall to the San Francisco 49ers

No Jeron Johnson, which is a crime. Nathan Enderle going ahead of Pettis, which is a capital crime punishable by covering the WNBA for the rest of eternity. No Jarvis Hodge, which I guess I understand.

Mel Kiper mock draft, version 4.0

Personally, I was a fan of Kiper mock draft version 3.8, but things change, Big Boards get updated, and life goes on. Kiper is one of the few major draft experts to mock more than just the first round. He did three rounds, and here are the spots where Boise State players landed:

  • Titus Young - Round 2 - No. 58 overall to the Baltimore Ravens
  • Austin Pettis - Round 3 - No. 95 overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Other various mock drafts of varying degrees of accuracy

I cannot vouch for the expertise of some of the following mock drafts, but Google News can. Tread warily.


Titus Young - Round 2 - No. 59 overall to the Atlanta Falcons

Titus Young - Round 2 - No. 43 overall to the Baltimore Ravens


Titus Young - Round 1 - No. 28 overall to the New England Patriots

Have you seen any more mock drafts floating out there with Boise State names on them? Send them in and I'll add the links to this post. No Bleacher Report, please. We have policies here.