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Tournament Pick 'Em update and Final Four open thread

Tourney Pick 'Em got you down? Well, there are 200 others who feel your pain. The mid-major armageddon in the 2011 tournament has left the OBNUG Pick 'Em field seriously slimmed down. Three brackets remain in contention. This is why I just like to remove myself from contention opening weekend by picking some really improbable upsets.

Whose brackets are still standing? Find out after the jump. And if you're in the mood for some in-game commenting tonight, feel free to do so here. The Final Four tips on CBS at 4:00 p.m. MT with VCU-Butler and Kentucky-UCONN to follow.

Complete standings of OBNUG Tournament Pick 'em.

The best brackets of OBNUG Tournament Pick 'Em 2011

Congratulations to the following three brackets for still being alive in the OBNUG Tournament Pick 'Em challenge.

The winner will be one of these three fine fellows (ladies?), provided my math is correct.

Your scenarios: If Kentucky wins tonight, the Sirius bracket is the champion. If UCONN wins tonight and loses the championship, Big Baloo is the champion. If UCONN wins tonight and wins on Monday night, Go Panthers is the champion. A reminder of what we're all playing for.


Good luck to you all, and I can honestly mean that now that I am guaranteed to finish no better than 137th.

The worst brackets of OBNUG Tournament Pick 'Em 2011

Not one but two people had the terrible idea to fill out their brackets with only lower seeded teams advancing. I believe the same line of thinking - outside-the-box, irrational - is how we ended up with The Mtn.

The Mr. Falcon bracket was submitted by the OBNUG Intern, so first thing Monday morning, new intern.

Open thread

Feel free to discuss tonight's games in the comments. I'll be cheering for whatever team is less likely to engender comparisons to Boise State and BCS busting.