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OBNUG's offseason preview of Boise State football stuff

Welcome to the offseason, Bronco fans and friends. The Boise State football team may be on hiatus for the next four months, but not OBNUG. The Broncos run 365 days a year on this site, and I am very good at making news out of thin air. Remember the time when I saw Ryan Clady at a teriyaki restaurant? I posted that.

Join me after the jump for all things offseason, including an overview of OBNUG's 2010 year in blogging (stats!), the benefits of joining OBNUG and SB Nation (Houston Nutt avatar!), and your input on story ideas and offseason content (Where Are They Now Jared Zabransky?).

(Note: For previous OBNUG announcements, check out How-to-OBNUG and the Community Guidelines.)

OBNUG by the numbers

Last season was a historic one for the Boise State football team and for OBNUG. As the premier Boise State football website that is not the Idaho Statesman, OBNUG grew by leaps and bounds thanks to tons of new Bronco fans and readers who craved Bronco coverage and gobs of Boise State haters who wanted to remind us all that we were "loosers." Well, joke's on them because Google Analytics tracks trolls, too. FACE.

Thanks also to the Big Giant Heads at SB Nation headquarters for compiling the following statistics. They are good people, and I don't just say that because they are sort of my bosses. I say that because they said I owed them one.

Community numbers for 2010

  • 1,386 new members
  • 61,238 total comments

Writing numbers for 2010

  • 592 total stories
  • 705 total FanPosts
  • 1,794 total FanShots

Most Active Commenters in 2010

User Count
tmunson 3959
Loque 2987
JRig 2398
TheShrewdOne 2271
Grindhouse 1896
Crissie 1538
Mikrino 1472
Jeffkills 1361
Drew Roberts 1243
Noel.Diggity 1240

Most FanPosts in 2010

User Count
tmunson 54
Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets 42
Darth Prophet 28
Mikrino 26
Crissie 24
bleeedingblueinwyoming 20
pjohn56 19
greekpadre 19
hatemay 19
NotsoSchizo 15

Most FanShots in 2010

User Count
Kevan Lee 318
Grindhouse 158
Loque 104
Mikrino 101
Drew Roberts 99
OBNUG Intern 59
TheShrewdOne 46
tmunson 43
BSUFlyboy 41
BleedBlue75 37

If you would like to compare the 2010 numbers to last year's numbers, go right ahead.

Thanks again to all the OBNUG readers around the country who stop by to spend part of their day here with us. Drew, Nick, and I will continue to do our best to make this site worth your Internet time.

Lurkers, lurk no more!

Little known fact: Lurkers are one of OBNUG's biggest populations, along with Boise State alumni, Will Lawrence's family, conservative Christians who think this is an evangelical website, and Dairy Queen employees. Lurkers are part of the fabric of OBNUG - the sleeves on the puffy coat of our blog. Without them, we are but a vest. And who wears vests any more? The Biebs, that's who.


That said, I would love for every lurker to give up his lurking ways and join OBNUG to comment, post, and generally just hang out with some of the best Bronco fans you will find anywhere. We are nice people. I know this because I ban the ones who are not nice.

Plus, when you join OBNUG, you get to use the treasure chest of SB Nation tools, including interactive comments, customizable profile, a personalized browsing experience, and more blogging features than you knew you wanted. It's free and easy to join. Just accept the terms at the bottom of any post and promise to never write the word "moist." I ban those people, too.

Offseason content

Over the next four months, you can expect most Boise State news sources to take a breather, take a vacation, and come back again when content is easier to come by in August. Not OBNUG. No vacations, and no breathing. We have a football team to obsess over.

Already, we have some plans for offseason content, which includes some traditional posts that you've come to know and love. Here is what's on tap for the next few months:

  • Choosing a new Public Enemy No. 1 for Bronco Nation
  • NEW! Choosing a People's Champion for Bronco Nation
  • Drew's heralded Countdown (beginning May 26)
  • Roundtables, opponent previews, Mr. Fiskers, media day coverage, and more

Now is where you come in. What kind of coverage would you like to see from OBNUG this offseason? Do you prefer quick-and-dirty updates or long-form, big-picture essays? Would you like general college football stories or just stick to the Mountain West? Are you interested in player profiles and depth chart debates or would you rather we look into strategy and schedules? Any topic or suggestion is fair game, and I'll do my best to hit on all of them before the offseason is up.

Share your thoughts in the comments. You too, lurkers! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.