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Boise State football's spring depth chart, more or less

The Broncos have yet to release an official depth chart, but who needs official when you have probably-biased, definitely-speculative best guesses? I watched a spring practice or two. I have deductive reasoning. Let's give this thing a try.

After the jump, take a look at my best guess at the two-deep roster for the Boise State football team. Starting lineups in the spring game were taken into consideration as well as injured players and their expected recoveries, as my zero years of medical experience informs me. Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts and critiques in the comments.

Starters in bold.


QB: Kellen Moore

QB: Joe Southwick

RB: Doug Martin

RB: D.J. Harper

FB: Dan Paul

FB: Tommy Smith

WR: Tyler Shoemaker

WR: Aaron Burks

WR: Geraldo Hiwat

WR: Troy Ware

Slot: Chris Potter

Slot: Kirby Moore

TE: Kyle Efaw

TE: Gabe Linehan

LT: Nate Potter

LT: Zach Waller

LG: Joe Kellogg

LG: Faraji Wright

C: Thomas Byrd

C: Matt Paradis

RG: Jake Broyles

RG: Chuck Hayes

RT: Charles Leno

RT: Michael Ames


DE: Shea McClellin

DE: Tyler Horn

DT: Billy Winn

DT: Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe

DT: Chase Baker

DT: Michael Atkinson

DE: Tyrone Crawford

DE: Jarrell Root

MLB: Byron Hout

MLB: Tommy Smith

WLB: J.C. Percy

WLB: Aaron Tevis

NB: Hunter White

NB: Dextrell Simmons

CB: Jamar Taylor

CB: Antwon Murray

CB: Jerrell Gavins

CB: Ebo Makinde

FS: George Iloka

FS: Quaylon Ewing

SS: Cedric Febis

SS: Jeremy Ioane

Your turn

Disagree with any of the depth chart? Think I'm giving Chris Potter too much credit? Never heard of Zach Waller before? Share your thoughts in the comments.