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Boise State spring game: Everything you need to know

The Broncos pull back the curtain on spring football at the Blue and Orange game on Saturday, the first time the public gets to see the team since the Vegas Bowl and the last time the public gets to see the team until August. Something's wrong with that picture, but oh well. I'll be 100 feet from Kellen Moore tomorrow and that is all that matters right now.

Are you headed to the spring game? Major details are below; minor details, including ticket information, a printable roster, and more, are after the jump.

  • When: 5:00, Saturday, April 16 (doors open at 4:00)
  • Where: Bronco Stadium
  • How much: $7.00 per person (season ticket holders are comped)

Can't make it to the spring game? Drop me a line and let me know what to look for.


Tickets for the Blue and Orange game will be available beginning at 1:00 at the Boise State ticket office at Bronco Stadium. Admission is $7.00 unless you are a season ticket holder or have connections or make a really big scene. I went with option three last year.


Due to a long list of Bronco injuries, the team will not be playing a game so much as they will be practicing with a scoreboard. Chadd Cripe pointed out in a Tweet yesterday that the first team offense will play the first team defense, the second team vs. the second team, and so on until we're left with only backup kickers. Should be fun.

Expect an announcement about the scoring system. I'll update the post when word leaks.


Chances are good that Boise State will provide roster handouts tomorrow, but you can never be too sure or too OCD about your Bronco rooting complex. As such, here is a handy printable version of the roster with the most recent updates that are available.

Download Boise State's numeric roster


The Boise State ticket office confirmed to me today that seating will be available on both the upper and lower decks on the west side of the stadium and the lower deck on the east side. That would accommodate about 20,000 people, which would break the 12,000-person mark from last year.


I will be in attendance, and Drew may be in attendance, and we would like to meet as many of you as we can. I will be perched in the upper deck on the west side (the better to see things and not be asked "which one is Ian Johnson"). Come say hello.



OBNUG readers have demanded a Dustin Lapray-type writing contest for the spring game, and I am nothing if not malleable to my friends. Here are the contest details.


What are you looking forward to watching at the spring game? If you can't make it down, what notes can I take for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.