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Boise State spring practice report: Injury bugs bite

The Spring game is now just a stone's throw away, but with walking wounded littering the sidelines, it might be less of a game, and more of an ultimate frisbee jamboree. I, for one, am bringing a hacky sack.  Follow me after the jump to find out some of the goings-on in this, the last meaningful week of Spring.

There's no reason to fret, says the Press-Tribune, as the host of stingers, sprains, tears, and owies aren't currently threatening anyone's season, but it's sure going to put a damper on that $7 a head Spring game this Saturday when the fifth string O-line, led by a homeless guy and a sack of Gold Medal flour squares off against 2 tackling dummies and a life-size cutout of Admiral Ackbar ("it's a trap!"). In all seriousness, the Spring roster's looking mighty thin, so don't expect to see the normal Blue and Orange game format this weekend...Coach Pete says it just ain't happenin'.

"It’s going to be a scrimmage, we’re not healthy enough to have a spring game, we just have too many guys that are out," Petersen said. "It’s awesome when you can pick teams. I love that, but when you lose 18 seniors and the new guys aren’t here, you couple about 15 injuries when you’ll have guys out and we just won’t have the depth to do it."

Among the notable no-gos are safety prospects Cedric Febis (undisclosed), Travis Stanaway (wrist) so expect to see a lot of Jeremy Ioane at SS this Saturday. Ioane's malady that made him miss parts of Spring ball has been revealed to be a bad finger, so hopefully his tackling won't suffer as much as his E.T. impersonation has. 

In fact...the defense as a whole will be much like Kevan's attempt at growing a beard—patchy. Linebackers Byron Hout and Aaron Tevis should be M.I.A., as will Old Man Nisby, a smattering of D-lineman, and Nickel Jonathan Brown. None of this bodes well for a defense that got lit up in the first Spring scrimmage...but for those thinking of staying home, just remember: there might be ProntoPups!

Spring "game" this Saturday at 5 PM. Be there or be elsewhere!

Doug Martin not changing a thing. Hooray!

Doug Martin was terrifyingly efficient last season, his first as the #1 back. He raged his way to 1,260 yards and 12 TDs all while being somewhat under-utilized by "teams without Kellen Moore" standards. This year, he's changing his whole approach. Just's more of the same. /fistpump

"I’m not doing anything different in terms of what I do on the field," he said. "I know I’m a guy that can help out the younger guys, so I try to set a good example, but I’m working as hard as I always have."

Just what is it that Doug Martin "does on the field"? Wrecks people's lives.

The Moore brothers: shaggy

KBOI-TV's report on the Moore to Moore connection that is sure to make punny headline-writers rejoice in 2011, brings to light what the dynamic duo has really been up to in the offseason: not cutting their hair. Hopefully Kirby's new locks will bring Samson-like qualities to the oft-injured wideout.

Dustin Lapray made-up quote of the day

It was slow news days like today where Dustin Lapray truly shined...bringing his staggering command of the English language to the fore so we could not only see Bronco practices through his eyes...but smell, hear, taste, and compare Bronco practices to French arthouse cinema...through his eyes. Lapray is no longer skulking the sidelines in a red, white, and blue do-rag, but his spirit lives on.

The thundering crack of the helmets subside. Victory shouts fill the still Spring air. I crane my neck to see what great feat has been accomplished. A ball-carrier torn asunder, perhaps? Nay! The equipment manager slipped in some dog doo. In conflict, there is still levity.


Your turn

Planning on hitting the Spring game this Saturday? Is it too early to start tailgating? Share your thoughts in the comments.