Chris Potter is skinny, Michael Atkinson is large, and other observations from Boise State's offseason weight update

The Boise State roster now features updated weights on all Bronco players, so I did what any normal Bronco fan would do with this information - put it into a spreadsheet, compared it to the previous weights, and blogged about it. I am very normal, please don't tell me otherwise.

The following are the results. We all owe strength and conditioning coach Tim Socha a round of applause.

Note: The previous weights I had available were the ones from Boise State's roster at the start of the 2010 season. The Boise State athletic office has refused my repeated requests to be updated weekly on the weights of all players. I will continue to ask.

The Top Five heaviest players on the Boise State football team

  1. DT Michael Atkinson - 320 pounds
  2. DT Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe - 307 pounds
  3. DT J.P. Nisby - 301 pounds
  4. OT Nate Potter - 300 pounds
  5. OG Joe Kellogg - 299 pounds

The most notable change here is that the T-A-T is now even bigger than before. He gained 15 pounds from his last weigh-in, knocking Chase Baker from the ranks of the enormous.

The Top Five skinniest players on the Boise State football team

  1. WR Chris Potter - 158 pounds
  2. CB Bryan Douglas - 162 pounds
  3. WR Alexander Miles - 168 pounds
  4. (tie) CB Josh Borgman - 172 pounds / CB Ebo Makinde - 172 pounds
  5. CB Jerrell Gavins - 174 pounds

So if my math is correct, Michael Atkinson weighs two Chris Potters.

Also, when WR Dallas Burroughs and DB Lee Hightower join the team this fall, they will crack the top five, both weighing in at 170 pounds. Tim Socha will have them at Carl's Jr. immediately.

Update: Boise State added Michael Frisina to the roster after I finished writing this story. Frisina is a walk-on kicker who weighs 153 pounds. Jimmy Pavel could easily bench press him.


Boise State's biggest loser

Congratulations to WR Alexander Miles for losing 12 pounds over the last year in an apparent quest for a Body by Jeremy Avery Calves. It's working for you, son. Keep it up.

Here are the top five weight losers from last year to now:

  1. WR Alexander Miles - (-12) pounds
  2. NB Hunter White - (-11) pounds
  3. LB Allen Mooney - (-9) pounds
  4. P Brad Elkin - (-8) pounds
  5. DT Michael Atkinson - (-7) pounds

Boise State's biggest gainer

Losing weight and feeling skinny is great and all, but the majority of the Boise State players are hoping to put on pounds. That's how strength and conditioning coach Tim Socha earns his money and fills out his Pie Hole punch card. More muscle = more weight = MWC trophies = chicks. Or something like that.

It should come as no surprise then that the biggest weight gainer of the year is grayshirt DE Tyler Horn whose sole purpose while grayshirting was to build his body up to NCAA football size. Mission accomplished, I'd say. Many people couldn't add 31 pounds if they tried. (Challenge ... accepted!)

  1. DE Tyler Horn - +31 pounds
  2. NB Jonathan Brown - +23 pounds
  3. DE Justin Jungblut - +21 pounds
  4. C Greg Dohmen - +20 pounds
  5. LB Robbie Lusk - +19 pounds

Of note: Byron Hout gained 17 pounds from his last weigh-in. He is now a 240-pound linebacker wrecking ball from hell.

The complete list of weight changes

View the full weight spreadsheet if it doesn't load below.

Your turn

What do you think of these weight changes? Surprised at someone's size (or lack of it)? Confused how Michael Atkinson could actually have lost seven pounds? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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