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Boise State jersey number update: Simmons wearing No. 5, no one wearing No. 1

The Boise State roster has been freshly updated with jersey number changes for the spring, and the much anticipated hype of who wears No. 1 will have to wait. No one is wearing jersey No. 1 for the Broncos this spring. I expect some conspiratorial FanPosts about this.

The full list of jersey changes is after the jump, including Dextrell Simmons' single digit, a replacement for Austin Pettis' No. 2, and new numbers for grayshirts Troy Ware, Tyler Horn, and Holden Huff.

  • Redshirt freshman wide receiver Matt Miller will wear No. 2. Miller previously wore No. 40.
  • Incoming JC transfer nickel Dextrell Simmons will wear No. 5.
  • Redshirt freshman kicker Dan Goodale will wear No. 19. CB Josh Borgman also wears No. 19.
  • Junior defensive back Hazen Moss will wear No. 24. Moss previously wore No. 18.
  • Redshirt freshman linebacker Robbie Lusk will wear No. 38. RB Raphiel Lambert also wears No. 38. Lusk previously wore No. 19.
  • Redshirt freshman defensive end Austin Baker will wear No. 63. I did not know Baker existed until today.
  • Grayshirt freshman defensive end Tyler Horn will wear No. 69.
  • Redshirt freshman wide receiver Anthony Clarke will wear No. 81. Clarke previously wore No. 10.
  • Grayshirt freshman wide receiver Troy Ware will wear No. 83.
  • Grayshirt freshman tight end Holden Huff will wear No. 85.

In addition to updated numbers, the Boise State roster also features updated weights. I'll have a post tomorrow with the results of the biggest gainers and losers.

Your turn

Why the lack of a No. 1? How do you feel about another wideout wearing No. 2? Think Dextrell Simmons' No. 5 will make offensive players think he's a sweet, kind-hearted cornerback? Share your thoughts in the comments.