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Boise State spring practice report: Jake Broyles, Charles Leno on first-team offensive line

Jake-broyles_medium Charles-leno_medium

The hot gossip from the first day of Boise State football spring practice was this: Jake Broyles and Charles Leno are on the first-team offensive line.  I use "hot gossip" loosely.

Who is Jake Broyles? He's the glasses-wearing man pictured above whom you probably remember as the butt of some Dungeons and Dragons jokes here on OBNUG last season. I am not proud of that. He and Leno were part of the second-team offense last season, and with the entire right side of the Broncos' offensive line graduating, Broyles and Leno got a promotion. There are at least five other players in the running for the same spots.

More on the Boise State offensive line and other observations from spring practice after the jump.

The race to replace Lawrence and Slater will be fun to watch over the next several months. Here is the Boise State offensive line as it stands today, including the players in the running on the right side:

Lt_medium Lg_medium

Nate Potter

Joe Kellogg

Thomas Byrd

Jake Broyles

Chuck Hayes

Faraji Wright

Charles Leno

Brenel Myers

Michael Ames

Garrett Pendergast


Are you surprised to see Broyles and Leno ahead of some of those names?

My picks were Chuck Hayes and Brenel Myers, which shows how much I know.

Spring practice photo gallery

If you want to see the Broncos in action, head over to the Idaho Statesman photo gallery for a taste of Monday's practice, featuring an unidentified running back who may be Doug Martin, Kellen Moore's midriff, and Kyle Efaw belly-flopping onto some pads.

(HT: ASP1223)

What we learned from Boise State's Monday practice

  • Kirby Moore had a pretty good day. According to Chadd Cripe, all the receivers had a good day and Moore seemed to have the best of the bunch. Passes were caught, touchdowns were scored, rain was made, etc.

The receivers - an area of concern for the Broncos this season - looked sharp with few dropped passes and some big plays. Sophomore Kirby Moore was particularly impressive with a couple of tough catches in 7-on-7 action.

  • Grant Hedrick could push Joe Southwick for the No. 2 spot. Hedrick looked good in practice, which you may take to mean that Joe Southwick's backup job is in jeopardy. I wouldn't go nearly that far after one day of work, but it's encouraging nonetheless.
  • Doug Martin was there. Cripe described Martin as "explosive." I'm not sure he knows how to be anything else.

Your turn

What are your thoughts on the Boise State offensive line news? Surprised to see Broyles and Leno as starters? Happy to hear Kirby Moore is the business? Share your thoughts in the comments.