The Mikrino Poll:"TCU doesn't deserve MWC's goodbye snub" and other insane comments...

Okay usually I'd just post this in a fanshot and link to it and leave it at that, or recommend it for Mr. Fiskers. But I've been waiting for something to piss me off enough this off season to start a flame war, so this will have to suffice.


This lame-dick, better known as Gil LeBreton over at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, posted this article on Sunday. I'll let you all read it for yourself, but he basically uses his platform to bitch and moan about TCU's lackluster schedule, and then arbitrarily pins the blame on Boise State, their staff, and all the criminals on the team;


Patterson's disappointment with the MWC schedule, you have to remember, comes after the league allowed newcomer Boise State to influence the selection of the site of its game against the Frogs. Boise State officials have publicly dismissed their role in the decision, but another MWC school says the Broncos began pushing for it almost immediately after TCU announced it was jumping to the Big East.


Even this week, the Frogs are rewarding the Mountain West. In a cover story in Sports Illustrated, TCU was lauded for being the only school among last season's football top 25 to have no players with a criminal record. Patterson's picture and a quote about recruiting a "high-character kid" can be found on Page 34.


Boise State, on the other hand, had the fourth-most players charged with crimes, 16.


If you know me at all, then you know this is more than enough to get me to set this guy's inbox ablaze with incendiary comments. And so I did. And here's why; TCU is a conference-hopping slut from way back. Everybody outside of Fort Worth is able to see that, and for those who aren't, here you go;

1923-1995  Southwest Conference

1996-2000  Western Athletic Conference

2001-2004  Conference USA

2005-20XX  Mountain West Conference

Since the demise of the Southwest Conference when TCU got ignored by the Big 8, they've jumped from conference to conference whenever it suited them best. They've only really been relevant the last two or three seasons, and only benefitted last year from a three-point OT loss that the Broncos suffered.

He points out that TCU didn't abandon the MWC like BYU did, they got offered an invite. So what? The point is the MWC was awfully close to BCS AQ Status on its own, and rather than stick it out to see where they landed, TCU, along with BYU and Utah, bolted the second they had a chance to. It's like dumping your long-time above average girlfriend the second a supermodel approaches you and says she'd like to hang out. It doesn't matter how you do it, you're still a dick.

Then making the leap to say it's Boise State who spear-headed the snub? Are you kidding? Don't they vote on all these scheduling issues? Isn't it a majority decision? It's not hard to believe that the remaining MWC members would not be inclined to do TCU any favors, right?

Then last, he paints a glorious picture of all that TCU has done for the MWC, including winning the Rose Bowl. But also including having no criminals on the squad, not like new conference member Boise State. Forget the obvious fact that the MWC doesn't reap much of the benefits of the Rose Bowl win, the Big East does, this guy's a douchebag. One last swipe at Boise State includes the nefarious SI article we all know and love. But wait...

I seem to remember another article in the last couple of weeks, shining some light on a lawsuit against the school, and included TCU's own players having some problems with the law. Not only that, the Star-Telegram also had their own story that talked about how TCU turns a "blind eye towards criminal records and unsavory behavior" Sure the players in question have been dismissed from the school. That's what happens when they're sexually assaulting women on campus. It seems not having any criminals on the team at press time was nothing more than a stroke of luck, or stupidity.

Hi Pot, this is Kettle. We're BLACK!

The point of my rant is this, TCU's lackluster schedule is the product of TCU, Not the MWC, Boise State, or some kids tresspasses. Sure the conference you're leaving didn't do you any favors. YOU'RE LEAVING! Try calling up your old girlfriend and ask for one last night together, after you've dumped her for the hot model and see what happens.

This guy's an idiot for attempting to blameshift his way through an article. I'm just here to point that out.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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