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What is Boise State football's toughest two-game stretch?

The 2011 Boise State schedule debuted yesterday, much to the delight of those wanting something else to talk about besides college student crime. Speaking of crime, did you know that seven percent of schedule makers have a criminal record? But I digress ...

With games against eight bowl teams, the Broncos are not short on competition. And now that we know the weekends for each, what is the Broncos' toughest two-game stretch?

Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments. Some two-game candidates for your consideration are after the jump.

Boise State vs. TCU (Nov. 12) and Boise State @ San Diego State (Nov. 19)

These back-to-back games are Brian Murphy's choice for toughest stretch, and for good reason. TCU will be ranked preseason and San Diego State went 9-4 last year. On the other hand, the Horned Frogs lose Andy Dalton and others, and the Aztecs could very well be a flash in the pan. Today, it's an intimidating stretch. November 11, it might be cake.

Boise State vs. Georgia (Sept. 3) and Boise State @ Toledo (Sept. 17)

Keep in mind that "Boise State vs. Georgia" is essentially "Boise State at Georgia" since the game will be played in Atlanta. Difficulty level: 10. Also keep in mind that there is a bye between these games. Difficulty level: 0.

Boise State @ Toledo (Sept. 17) and Boise State vs. Tulsa (Sept. 24)

Note: Both of these teams went bowling last year ... if you consider the Little Caesars Bowl a bowl.

Boise State vs. Tulsa (Sept. 24) and Boise State vs. Nevada (Oct. 1)

The fact that both of these games are in Bronco Stadium makes the back-to-back a lot less difficult, but still. Tulsa may be a preseason Top 25 team and Nevada ... well ... um ... they're in our heads?

Boise State vs. Nevada (Oct. 1) and Boise State @ Fresno State (Oct. 8)

The toughest part of this stretch might be that it comes after a month's worth of football games against good football teams. At least when you're in the Mountain West conference schedule, you get a UNLV or a Colorado State to break things up. Also, if the Fresno State games gets moved to a Thursday or Friday (due to ESPN scheduling), that would add a level of complication. Never underestimate the intimidation factor of Joe Tessitore and Rod Gilmore.

Boise State vs. Wyoming (Nov. 26) and Boise State vs. New Mexico (Dec. 3)

Bwahahahaha! Just kidding.

What's it going to be?

Vote in the poll for the toughest two-game stretch, and share your rationale in the comments. The more rational the better.