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Comment thread: Thursday's Sweet Sixteen games

Tonight's Sweet Sixteen games should be plenty interesting for Bronco fans - both Mountain West teams are in action, as well as the Boise State of college basketball (Gene Wojciechowski's words, not mine) and the Lord Voldemort of college basketball (Duke). If you're looking for a place to leave some thoughts, feel free to leave them here at the OBNUG comment thread. Enjoy the games. Times and TV channels are after the jump. First game is at 5:15 MT.


  • San Diego State vs. UCONN - 5:15 p.m., CBS
  • BYU vs. Florida - 5:27 p.m., TBS


  • Duke vs. Arizona - 7:45 p.m., CBS
  • Butler vs. Wisconsin - 7:57 p.m., TBS