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Boise State spring practice report: Jay Ajayi, Drew Wright, and the future of the Bronco running back position

Boise State running back Doug Martin will not be around forever, unless you are referring to Shiloh Keo's phobias and my bedroom Fathead. When Martin leaves the blue after 2011, what Bronco backs will step up to replace him? Spring practice has provided some hints. Join me after the jump for a look at who is making waves, who is being talked about, and who this new Brock Forsey-looking character is.

Jay Ajayi true freshman playing time hits Speculation Level: Midnight

Jay Ajayi is not at Boise State's spring practice (at least not as far as anyone knows - details are sketchy), but that hasn't kept Bronco coaches from talking about him. RB coach Keith Bhonapha is the latest, and his quote may be the most concrete confirmation yet that Ajayi will be on the field in September.

If (Ajayi) does the things I think he should do, I don't see why he wouldn't play. He's definitely body-wise and speed-wise ready to go now.

So what things must Ajayi do in order to please Bhonapha? Here's a guess:

  1. Show up.
  2. Be better than Raphiel Lambert.

Drew Wright is the new Matt Kaiserman who was the new Brock Forsey

For some reason, the local media really enjoys running backs who look like Brock Forsey. I am referring, of course, to that signature, tough-running style of Forsey's. Sheesh, racist much?

The Idaho Statesman featured Drew Wright in today's paper, claiming that the Vallivue grad is primed and ready to compete for playing time at running back this fall. The reasoning behind that claim: a) Coach Pete mentioned Wright during a press conference, b) Wright is a well-rounded running back and not in the way that Jarvis Hodge was well-rounded i.e. the stomach, and c) who's going to be Matt Kaiserman now that Matt Kaiserman is gone? You can't argue with that reasoning, I guess.

In other RB news:

  • Raphiel Lambert was referred to as a converted cornerback, which is true in that he played CB for a year at Boise State but lest we forget that he came to Boise State as one of Oregon's most highly-touted running backs. I remember. I was giddy.
  • No news is good news unless you are Malcolm Johnson and the news in question is about the Boise State running back depth chart of which you are missing. In Chadd Cripe's position update, Johnson was not even mentioned.
  • D.J. Harper is still recovering from his ACL tear. Doug Martin is seeing limited action, the better to destroy people this fall. So expect to see lots of Wright, Lambert, and Carlo Audagnotti in the spring game on April 16.

The Boise State offense will not be changing in 2011, says quasi-offensive coordinator Kellen Moore

From the Idaho Press-Tribune's piece on new O-coordinator Brent Pease:

"We're still doing the same stuff, for the general public, you won't see very many changes," Kelln Moore said. "He'll bring a new perspective, find stuff we can improve on. He's done this before. It was a perfect scenario for us."

I assume this is in response to the OBNUG roundtable on the topic. I also assume Kellen Moore reads OBNUG.

New at Boise State football games this fall ... guns!

The Idaho House of Representatives passed a bill to allow concealed weapons onto the campus of Boise State, which could mean fans will be packing heat along with their Blue Turf Towels into Bronco Stadium this fall. Kellen Moore is such a trendsetter.



Your turn

How do you take Bhonapha's comments about Jay Ajayi? Do you think Drew Wright will see more action this fall? What will Bronco Stadium allow next? Snakes? Drugs? Nevada fans? Share your thoughts in the comments.