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Top five storylines for Boise State spring football

The Boise State football team begins spring practice on Monday. So take that, seasonal affective disorder.

With football back on the schedule, Bronco Nation's offseason speculation should finally get less speculative. Here are the five storylines that I'll be closely monitoring throughout spring ball (as closely as someone without a media pass can monitor). Share your thoughts on these and feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. What roster changes will the Broncos have in store?


  • Will concussions keep Matt Kaiserman from playing football ever again?
  • What's the latest on RB Malcolm Johnson and LB John Michael Davis?
  • What is wide receiver and hazing person of interest Anthony Clarke doing back on the roster?
  • Who got in trouble between the Las Vegas Bowl and now?

More storylines after the jump.

2. How will Dextrell Simmons look?

The junior college transfer is the only player in the 2011 Boise State recruiting class who will be present for spring ball, and good thing, too, since he is expected to compete for a starting spot at nickel this fall. Winston Venable showed up in the spring after a JUCO transfer, and look how that turned out. Gauntlet thrown.

3. Who makes an impact at the wide receiver position?

The players with the best shot at earning a starting spot at wideout should all be in attendance and healthy this spring, including Tyler Shoemaker, Geraldo Hiwat, Kiby Moore, and others. May the best man win. Or combination of men (BurrPott, anyone?).

4. Will the offense look any different with Brent Pease in charge?

The Broncos' first (and only) public spring scrimmage is April 16, so the public won't have any idea how to answer this question until then, and probably not even then since scrimmages are purposefully neutered. Still, the Bronco players will be adjusting to life with a new OC, so that's notable. Unless Kellen Moore had really been calling the plays all along, in which case it will be business as usual.

5. Who gets to wear the No. 1 jersey?

The OBNUG community took a go at this topic earlier in the offseason, and the consensus was: No consensus. Maybe George Iloka, maybe Doug Martin, maybe someone else. Probably not Joe Kellogg.

Bonus storyline: What is the status of the injured Bronco players?

We may get to see our first glimpse of D.J. Harper since the phantom Bronco Stadium turf monster took him down against Oregon State last fall. We should definitely get to see a healthy Byron Hout because a broken foot to the Hout is like carpal tunnel to you and me.

Your turn

What storylines will you be watching when spring practice kicks off? Any roster predictions you wish to make? Any prescient answers to the above questions? Share your thoughts in the comments.