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Boise State spring practice report: Position battles as the local media sees them

Curious what's going on at Boise State spring football practice? I know I am. The practice reports from camp are like Archie comics compared to the Encyclopedia Britannica I prefer. But at least we've got something. Kirby Moore and Kellen Moore are brothers who love each other, and that means something. Speculate.

After the jump, I take inventory of all the spring reporting I've read in order to get some insight on where the key Boise State position battles stand. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Boise State football position battles, according to something

What that something is, I'm not sure. Bias? Convenience? Interview availability? The local media has published several stories on several players since spring ball hit, and if we are to take those stories as signs that the featured players will play big roles this season, then we may have some insight on position battles. Insight like this:

Wide receiver No. 1: Tyler Shoemaker

Shoemaker has been a constant in media coverage of the Broncos so far this spring. He is the top returning receiver. He runs with the ones. He reminds Tom Scott of Lou Fanucchi.

Wide receiver No. 2: Geraldo Hiwat

Here's a nugget from Dave Southorn's Friday practice report. Mmm, nuggets.

In a game-type situation to end practice, the offense struggled on most of its drives, getting stuck a few times on fourth-and-short, but on the final drive, it finally got things clicking. On a second-and-20, Kellen Moore hit Geraldo Hiwat for 50 yards, and Moore wrapped up the drive with a fourth-down 9-yard TD pass to Tyler Shoemaker

Shoemaker and Hiwat seem to be the first-team wideouts. For Friday. Expect all this to change at a moment's notice and for you to find out in June.

Slot receiver: Kirby Moore

The three main newspapers in town (Statesman, Press-Tribune, Magic Valley Times-News) all ran features on Kirby Moore over the weekend. Sorry, Chris Potter. No one knows who you are.

Right guard: Jake Broyles

Right tackle: Charles Leno

Broyles and Leno were on the first-team offense when practice began on Monday. This was big news to those of us who like offensive line play more than the average person.

Nickel: Hunter White

White lost 25 pounds over Christmas break, making him quicker and faster and other adjectives you use to describe small people. Boise State coaches took this as a good sign. I guess we should, too.

Strong safety: Cedric Febis

The Statesman covered Febis in a February spring practice preview piece, citing his being a senior and a special teams star as main reasons why he might be replacing Jeron Johnson. Then Febis went and got injured and will be sitting out all spring. Make of this what you will.

Defensive end: Tyrone Crawford

The news story on Crawford was entirely useless from a position battle perspective, but I'll take the fact that Crawford got a story and Jarrell Root didn't as a sign that Crawford has the lead here.

Cornerback: TBD

No word yet on who might have the lead for Brandyn Thompson's vacant spot. Presumably, Jerrell Gavins, Ebo Makinde, and Antwon Murray are the candidates, provided J.P. Nisby hasn't switched positions on us.

My annual plea for the return of Dustin Lapray

Two years ago, Magic Valley Times-News reporter-poet-philosopher Dustin Lapray set the Boise State fan base on fire with his detailed practice reports and elegant prose. It was a breath of fresh air and a source of constant information on minutia like who did what, who felt what, and sunsets.

I miss Dustin Lapray. Come back from your walkabout, Dustin. Bronco Nation needs you.

What we learned from Boise State's Monday practice

Nothing. No one was there.

Your turn

What do you make of these proposed position battles? Do you think Hunter White will be starting at nickel in September? Are you happy with a Shoemaker-Hiwat-Moore wide receiver trio? Share your thoughts in the comments.