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Fantasy football is broken, according to Boise State player rankings

Just as there are "way too early" preseason Top 25 polls this time of year, there are also "way too early" college football fantasy rankings. Because Team Muffed Punt's curiosity is insatiable, I guess. 

A sample of those rankings are featured on the College Football Geek website where the fantasy gurus break down quarterbacks, runningbacks, wide receivers, and more ... to Bronco Nation's dismay. After the jump, find out who the top fantasy quarterbacks are (hint: not Kellen Moore) and share your thoughts on the Broncos and fantasy football.

Note: CFG's fantasy rankings are based on a points formula where TD passes equal 4 points, TD runs and catches equal 6 points, 25 passing yards equal 1 point, 10 rushing or receiving yards equal 1 point, INTs equal -2 points, and catches equal 0.5 points.

Fantasy QB rankings

Courtesy of College Football Geek:

Rank Player School CFG Comments
1 Case Keenum Houston returning from ACL injury
2 Dominique Davis ECU loses 4 olinemen and WR Dwayne Harris
3 Denard Robinson Michigan moves up - new OC stated he expects 1,000-1,200 rush yds
4 GJ Kinne Tulsa lost HC Todd Graham to Pitt, but talent returns
5 Landry Jones Oklahoma offense loaded, Broyles is back

That is your top five. And now for your No. 18

Rank Player School CFG Comments
18 Kellen Moore Boise State loses both WRs Austin Pettis and Titus Young

I am at a loss. Also, Andrew Luck is No. 16, so I guess I have no idea how college fantasy football works besides wildly overvaluing mobile QBs and Case Keenum.

Fantasy RB rankings

Fortunately for Bronco fans, the running back rankings are slightly more optimistic.

Rank Player School CFG Comments
1 LaMichael James Oregon back for another big season
2 Lance Dunbar North Texas new coach should feed him ball more than ever
3 Bobby Rainey W. Kentucky led country in carries last year with 340
4 Knile Davis Arkansas 6.5 ypc best among RBs with 200+ carries
5 Marcus Lattimore South Carolina can he match his 19 TDs from 2010?
- - - -
10 Doug Martin Boise State with star WRs gone, will Martin see more carries?

In years past, the Bronco RB merry-go-round would have rendered any ordinary Bronco back way down on the list. But Doug Martin is not ordinary. He owns a pet snake.

Fantasy WR rankings

The CFG guys realize that Tyler Shoemaker is no Austin Pettis or Titus Young, but come on. Someone is going to be catching beautifully thrown rainbow kisses from the golden arm of Kellen Moore - the nation's 18th-best statistical quarterback.

Rank Player School CFG Comments
1 Ryan Broyles Oklahoma 131-1622-14 in 2010, QB Landry Jones returns
2 Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State 111-1782-20 in 2010, OC gone, QB Weeden is back
3 Lance Lewis East Carolina 89-1116-14, Dom Davis returns, D.Harris is gone
4 Alshon Jeffrey South Carolina 88-1517-9 in 2010
5 Juron Criner Arizona 82-1233-11 in 2010, QB Nick Foles returns
- - - -
58 Tyler Shoemaker Boise State will have to step up in absence of Young & Pettis
- - - -
65 Geraldo Hiwat Boise State 6'4 freshman in 2010 who needs to step up in '11

Fantasy TE rankings

Yes, these exist.

Rank Player School CFG Comments
1 Ladarius Green La-Lafayette 44-794-7 in 2010, missed 2 games with injury
2 Michael Egnew Missouri 90-759-5 in 2010, new QB at helm
3 Vance McDonald Rice 28-396-8 in 2010, was hurt 1st half of year
4 Tyler Eifert Notre Dame 27-352-2 in 2010, put up all stats in final 7 games
5 Johdrick Morris Southern Miss 46-663-4 in '10, likely listed as WR in most leagues
- - - -
18 Kyle Efaw Boise State 24-299-5 in 2010, stud WRs are gone

Your turn

Do you play fantasy college football? Would you take Kellen Moore or Doug Martin in the first round? What surprised you most with these rankings? Share your thoughts in the comments.