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Boise State finishes with No. 64 recruiting class

Boise State football's 2011 recruiting class flirted with history a couple of weeks ago, hovering near the school's all-time high in class ranking. Guess they'll just have to make history on the field. /Chadd Cripe story lead

The Broncos finished with the No. 64 recruiting class in the country, according to The ranking is good for second place in the Mountain West, or first place if you don't really count TCU. Boise State's all-time best class according to Scout was the 2007 group that ranked No. 57 overall. The No. 64 ranking this year is good for third, tied with 2008 and behind 2009's No. 60.

Here is how the rankings look for all Mountain West teams:

  • No. 28 TCU
  • No. 64 Boise State
  • No. 80 Colorado State
  • No. 88 San Diego State
  • No. 93 Wyoming
  • No. 94 Air Force
  • No. 99 UNLV
  • No. 106 New Mexico

Among teams that will be joining the Broncos in the Mountain West in 2012, Fresno State (No. 88) and Hawaii (No. 90) pulled in competitive classes. Nevada (No. 107) did not. Speaking of uncompetitive classes, Idaho was No. 111.