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Well, it's finally here. The day that hardcore college football fans look forward to all year—but enough about Groundhog's also LOI day, the day when recruits can no longer weasel out of their commitment to the program! On paper, this is shaping up to be one of Boise State's best recruiting classes ever, and the fax machine at the Varsity Center is about to really start humming, so join us after the jump for an all day odyssey as we highlight and discuss each 2011 recruit as they officially become Broncos. Oh, and for the few we lost along the way—Dave Tester would like a word with you.

As luck would have it, I have a meeting at 9 MDT, so I might have to temporarily leave the OBNUG LOI bunker, but Kevan, Nick, and the rest of the crew will also be updating this post all day as recruits sign on the dotted line. As of this posting, none have come down the pike. To tide you over, the Statesman has a nice recap of the known commits in the Class of 2011. We've also had confirmation that Safety commit Darian Thompson will no longer be asked to grayshirt next year thanks to Safety Jamie Byrd's successful poaching. More info to come.

Updated @ 9:30 MDT—The sheer thrill of LOI day led Kevan and I both to start running threads. Since Kevan's includes the all-important link to the upcoming liveblog...I'll redirect traffic to that thread from here on out. It should be right above this one. Just keep in mind: mine was first and therefore, the winner.