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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-9-11

AQ status likely to go away. Yay! Old bowl tie-ins to resume. Nooooo!

We've heard rumblings about this for the past few weeks/months and it originally sounded like it might be a good idea. Well, yesterday at the IMG Forum in New York the other shoe dropped. The BCS would still pit #1 versus #2 and possibly even a Plus One but the other "BCS" bowls would then be free to make agreements with conferences and choose whoever they want. The money quote came from Jim Delany:

"As long as I can go to the Rose Bowl, I don’t really care"

Yep, that about sums it up.

Video: Andrea Adelson corners Kellen Moore at the awards show

And I think Kellen should keep Andrea next to him during the combine and pro days to really accentuate his height. Kellen was his normal cordial self but admitted that people hate the BCS.

Looks like blue uniforms on The Blue are a go

Our resident Big East blog Big East Coast Bias say that they have reached out to the Big East and they could care less about what color Boise State wears on The Blue. Which is a relief to me cause I didn't realize how much I missed the simple blue on blue until we could no longer have them. I mean, look at these uniform combinations that we rolled out this year. They're making my head spin.

Pre Snap Read takes a look at how this year's teams would be matched up in 1997

While the old bowl structure produced some much better match-ups overall and left out some woeful teams, it was not kinder to Boise State or it's fellow non-AQ teams. In this model, only 6 non-AQ teams made a bowl and Boise State would be facing Houston in the Humanitarian Bowl.

What are the likelihood of Idaho ever landing a pro sports team?

Jon Bois was curious what it would take for cities without a pro sports teams to ever land one. Unfortunately he lumped Idaho with Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas. The only he could see it is if there was a huge surge in population and a pro league totally overhauled their current structure and doubled in size.

Mr. Fiskers spotted moonlighting on another site

That or he was kidnapped and forced to pose. He doesn't look very happy about it. We're checking in on the situation.

Kansas has hired Charlie Weis as head coach

Well that came out of nowhere. Poor Kansas. They're about 5 years behind everyone else.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to current player Hayden Plinke. Hope your bowl practice goes especially well for you!

If you have a birthday you'd like added to the OBNUG birthday list, drop us an email at