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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-8-11

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The Big East adds Boise State, 4 others

Yep, that's the headline that most reports used. Do you hear that San Diego State, Houston, SMU and UCF? You've been relegated to the "others" section of the report. Karl Benson confirmed what we all knew yesterday, Boise State's remaining sports minus wrestling are headed back to the WAC. That move could hurt the basketball team most, but it looks like Boise State is working out a deal to play 4 games a year versus Big East opponents, 2 home and 2 away. That should help bolster the RPI.

As for football, play will begin in 2013 in the new Big East conference and we have no idea how many teams will be there. West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh still have pending exits. We know that Air Force will not be a part though. Air Force pledged their commitment to the Mountain West yesterday. And no, as for now, there will be no new name for the Big East.

Petersen reportedly not interested in the Penn State job

Well that was fast! Petersen has spent a year coaching at Pitt and we know how he felt about that. So a "no" to Penn State had to be expected, but it's always good to hear.

June Jones will NOT be the next coach at Arizona State

This was just bizarre yesterday. It was widely rumored yesterday that Jones had come to an agreement with Arizona State to be the next coach. Then, out of nowhere, Arizona State pulled the offer. Reports are that the boosters did not agree with the AD's decision. This led Jones' agent, Leigh Steinberg, to blog about the experience. Good luck recruiting to SMU now!

Oregon State freshman Fred Thompson dies unexpectedly

Terrible news out of Corvallis. The freshman DT collapsed during a pickup basketball game. It is believed that the cause of death was a heart attack.

Check out the gifts to be given to bowl participants this year!

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is giving away a North End winter coat. Is that the Walmart version of North Face? MAACO really skimped with only a vague "gift suite" and a cap. The San Diego County Credit union, on the other hand, is handing out Tourneau watches, hoodies, and a Best Buy gift card to be used on the team's visit to the store. It has to be at least $50, right? Unless everyone is just going to mill around the music section. TCU must have known this when they preferred San Diego over Vegas. Check out the rest of the prizes being given away including a 32 inch flat screen TV by the Meineke Car Care Bowl.