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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-7-11

Video of Kellen Moore on Senior Day

The broadcast from the Mtn missed all of the senior day moments which was a huge disappointment to me personally. Luckily Matt Loveless from the now defunct KTRV 12 newsroom put together this nice clip (Thanks, Matt, and good luck in the future!). Now, onto the clip itself. Is that Max Corbet trying to get into the Moore family photo?

CBS Sports looks at the pros and cons of the Big East additions

That is, except for Boise State since Boise State is a known commodity. It's an interesting breakdown and brings up some good points. Is the Big East buying high on programs like Houston and SMU who could be losing their coaches soon? Is UCF too much of a gamble with impending NCAA sanctions?

Colin Cowherd rips Chris Petersen, totally misses the point

Anything that Colin Cowherd says is probably not even reporting here, but he went on a 5 minute tirade against Petersen during his show Tuesday. He called out Boise State for having 9 "garbage wins" and made a terrible analogy about a radio station in New Mexico not being invited to a national radio conference and that's just the way it is unless you are in a big market. You can listen to the whole thing if you want to get riled up for no apparent reason. This whole thing is really worthy of the Mr. Fiskers treatment if it's transcribed.

Four Boise State players have been invited to the Senior Bowl

Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, George Iloka and Billy Winn. What, no Shea McClellin? The Senior Bowl is played on January 28th in Mobile, Alabama. The 4 Boise State players invited this year nearly doubles Boise State's total number of players to have played in the Senior Bowl. Previously Boise State has had 5 players participate: Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Kyle Wilson, Daryn Colledge and Matt Hill.

Big 12 schools take straw poll, now favor Plus One format

After Oklahoma State's snub for the national title game, Big 12 schools are rethinking their position on the whole 1 versus 2 thing. I would like to chalk this up to the wise words of Coach Pete that reached the Big 12 schools and now they are having an enlightening moment. Jim Delany says the Big 10 is still opposed to a Plus One but does want to see the AQ spots removed and the national title played closer to New Year's.

The details of Mark Coyle's new contract have been released

He has the usual incentives that you would expect for an athletic director. His buyout is $700k. Is this higher, lower or a typical buyout of an athletic director?