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Play OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em, win fabulous prizes, give an angel its wings

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Pick Em
Pick Em

The regular season is over, folks. Now to the weeks upon weeks of crappy bowl games that lead to more crappy bowl games and culminates in a high profile match up that we've already seen and don't want to see again. You can tell how excited I am for this.

So in the interest of making the bowl games more interesting and to the delight of college football junkies and confidence points addicts everywhere, I am proud to announce the fourth annual OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em contest. Just try not caring about the Bowl now.

Details of the bowl contest are after the jump as well as the final results from the regular season Pick 'Em contest. Best of luck to you all, but mostly to OBNUG's Kevan because he'll need it.

Final regular season Pick 'Em leaderboard

Pick 'Em standings

1* NYBroncosFan 169
1 Kellen's Sandwich Shop 169
3 Pun Involving Word Moore 168
3 NCAA Violations R Us 168
5 BroncoFever 167
6 broncotough 166
6 Pete Burns (Peet16) 166
6 OBNUG Intern 166
9 The Ghost of Doug Harper 165
9 @SmurfTurfAddict 165

Updated 12/6 9:00 a.m., lowest score dropped
Complete standings Group 1a
Complete standings Group 1b

OBNUG reader NYBroncosFan took the top spot, besting Kellen's Sandwich Shop by the Yahoo tiebreaker. It was an incredible ascension bolstered mainly by NYB's 20 point week two weeks ago. He (or she) totally Tebowed the Pick Em contest. Congratulations!

Hugs and handshakes to OBNUG member IdahoOrv who won last week with a 10.

OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em details

In the spirit of keeping tradition and in hopes of avoiding a hard cap on the number of entries similar to the cap we experienced in regular season Pick 'Em this season, the OBNUG bowl contest will be hosted on the skeevy servers of

Join the OBNUG group at ESPN by clicking on that link and signing in.

If you have trouble, search for "OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em" at the Find Group screen, or drive to Bristol, Connecticut, and have Stuart Scott walk you through it. Stick a bag of dog poo in Craig James's desk while you're there.

The OBNUG Bowl Pick Em group uses confidence points, which work like this: Assign a point value to each game based on on how confident you are that you have picked the winner correctly. For instance, I am uber-confident that Boise State will beat Arizona State; therefore, I give that game the maximum 35 confidence points. On the other end, I had no clue that UCLA and Illinois were eligible for bowl games, much less playing each other in one. I give this game one confidence point.

Fabulous prizes

For the Bowl Pick 'Em winner, you will earn a spot in the Widget of Champions, which lives on the front page of OBNUG for eternity. If that's not enough for you, there are real, actual prizes at stake as well. Prizes like ...


The deuce brand watch is the future in wrist-wear because in the future people are going to wear really cool things and look like rock star spacemen. This particular watch is Boise State-themed, which should help in the transition of all your things being either blue and/or orange.

But that's not all ...

Get the group to 100 people, and we will throw in a pair of Boise State earmuffs, perfect for cold, wintry winter (but not necessarily bowl games in Las Vegas). You will look great in them, says everyone.

But that's not all ...

Get the group to 150 people, and I will dig even deeper into the OBNUG prize closet to come up with some swag. Who knows what I'll find (because I haven't looked in there for awhile). Maybe some shirts, maybe some art, maybe a churro?

But that's not all ...

The OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em group has always been an equal-opportunity prize giver. So not only will the winner of Pick 'Em get rewarded, but so will the loser. Finish last in the bowl picking, and I will try to give you a copy of the Disney movie Heavyweights, starring a young Ben Stiller. I have actually had people refuse my giving them this gift in the past. I cannot understand why.

Random notes

  • Hilarious pick 'em names are encouraged. Double-points for puns involving player names.
  • If the thought of having an ESPN page on your browser for even a second makes you cross-eyed mad, feel free to join Mikrino's Pick Em O Death on Yahoo. He has prizes.
  • The first games begin on Saturday, December 17.

Good luck

Best of luck to everyone in the Pick 'Em contest. Feel free to share your entry name or your entry strategies in the comments.