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Boise State will play Arizona State in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl, Virginia Tech gets final BCS spot

This pretty much sums up my feelings on the BCS.


The Sugar Bowl chose Virginia Tech over Boise State for who knows what reason. So that puts the Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl against Arizona State on Thursday, December 22. Tickets are on sale now.

Though it's probably not healthy to dwell on these things, man the BCS is messed up. Virginia Tech just lost by 28 points to a 9-3 Clemson team in a championship game they had to win. Their non-conference schedule was meh. The ACC was meh. I understand that there are many arguments against Boise State going to the BCS, but in all the scenarios that could have happened today, Virginia Tech topping Boise State seemed like the least logical. It still is.

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments. Take today to vent and wail and complain and then we'll get this Vegas Bowl thing rolling on Monday.

Go Broncos! Death to the BCS.