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Kellen Moore, Doug Martin send seniors out in style in Boise State blowout over New Mexico

The Bronco seniors came to play and New Mexico was, well, sort of present, as Boise State completed the regular season with a 45-0 win over the Lobos. Kellen Moore threw for 300 yards and three scores, Doug Martin ran for 100 and two TDs, and the Bronco defense pitched a shutout, helping BSU move to 11-1 on the season and keep its BCS hopes alive.

Share your thoughts on the game in the comments. More postgame recap after the jump.

Game recap

New Mexico is terrible. Boise State is excellent. Now about that BCS!

BCS bowls on everyone's mind


Now that the Broncos have dispatched the Lobos, attention turns to that fickle, mysterious BCS where nothing makes sense and anything is possible. And I do mean anything. Not even Chadd Cripe has things figured out beyond "Houston lost and Mike Patrick talks too much."

What we know: Boise State needs as few teams to be BCS eligible as possible in order for the Broncos to increase their odds at a BCS bowl.

What we don't know: Who is going to be BCS eligible.

If TCU gets to No. 16 tomorrow in the final rankings (the Horned Frogs are currently No. 18), they get an automatic berth. If Michigan gets to No. 14 (the Wolverines are currently No. 16), they will likely go to a BCS bowl. And that's as definitive as things get.

We will know more tomorrow. For now, feel free to discuss your theories, conspiracy and otherwise, in the comments. Oh, and you can talk about the New Mexico game, too.