Let's get painty: The OBNUG 2011 MS Paint Season Review


If life went as quickly as the college football season seems to, we'd all be dead by now. Thankfully, we're still alive...but the end of Bronco football for the next 8 1/2 months hardly makes life worth living, does it? Well, to snap you out of your year-end doldrums, OBNUG is once again hosting the semi-annual MS Paint season review. You should know the drill by now...get MS Painting, you pixel Picassos!

Studies have shown that cartoons are 35 percent funnier when rendered in MS Paint. Don't believe me? Check out last year's epic MS Paint review! I shot milk out of my nose enough times to wonder why I drink milk exclusively in front of my computer monitor.

Here's whatcha do: Make a one-panel cartoon that encapsulates the best, weirdest, funniest, or Muscle Hamsterest of the 2011 college football season. Oh...and make it funny. It doesn't have to be Bronco-centric, but that would certainly help.

Images should be in the neighborhood of 550 pixels by 350 pixels (we're talking horizontal here) and saved at web resolution—72 dpi. If you have a more sophisticated computer art program (like Photoshop), here's how you MS Paint-ify it: Open a new document in Photoshop and set the size to 7 pixels by 7 pixels and fill the entire frame with black. Now, use the select tool to select the entire image and then click "Edit/Define Brush Preset" and save your square brush. Make a new document (y'know, the 550 x 350 one) and use your saved brush to paint away. It's's's 90s-rific! You can also use this nifty online MS Paint clone or download this free mac knockoff, Paintbrush.

When you're done, post your masterpiece in the comments below...or you can email it to us at

Get painting'! Here are some examples from the midseason review to get your creative juices flowing:




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