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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-27-11

Kellen Moore's Heisman chances examined

It won't matter for 10 years, but at least right now media member seem to think he's a lock for the College Football Hall of Fame. The 10 year waiting period seems a little silly. I'm guessing it's to allow for how the players act after their career, but it's not the same to me as a pro league where a player could unretire and make a comeback.

A look at the spots Boise State will be filling for 2012

We all know that replacing Kellen Moore will be the most covered race during spring ball, but the defensive spots could be equally as important. The front four of the defensive line will be gone and the current depth chart doesn't contain a single defensive end to replace McClellin or Crawford.

The Chris Petersen to Penn State rumors should hopefully die now

The Patriot News is reporting that Chris Petersen is not interested in Penn State's vacancy. Apparently a search committee member made two trips to Idaho to try to woo Coach Pete but probably just ended up annoying him. And the only reason we here at OBNUG address the rumors is because they keep showing up in our Google News feed.

Alabama and LSU's bands to spend close to $1 million to play halftime show for national championship game

No word on the breakdown of the cost, but LSU is reporting that they will spend $445,150 for "transportation, three night's lodging, meals, police escorts and other miscellaneous costs." That figure also includes paying for 529 tickets at $350 a pop. So, to be clear, these band members are being charged to attend a game where they will be providing the free halftime show. Awesome.

Missouri's mascot broke the Independence Bowl trophy before the game

That's what they get for letting him try to lift it without opposable thumbs.

Craig James is living on "Real Street", y'all

He also claimed to have started jobs and created jobs.

Belated Birthdays

We missed some birthdays before Christmas. Happy birthday to reader ASP1223 (the 23rd) and player Zach Waller (the 24th). Hope you guys received birthday presents and not just Christmas presents!

If you have a birthday you'd like to add to the OBNUG birthday list, drop us an email at