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Top 10 performances of Boise State football's 2011 season

The Top 10 performances of Boise State football's 2010 season could just be a Kellen Moore season-in-review, but this OBNUG list is an equal-opportunity collection, except for kickers. But everyone else is eligible.

No. 10 - D.J. Harper, 24 carries for 125 yards and two touchdowns versus TCU. I forget how things turned out in this one.

No. 9 - Byron Hout, 18 tackles versus Air Force. Hat tip to Air Force for running that fullback dive play so many times.

No. 8 - Doug Martin, 200 yards and three touchdowns versus Colorado State. To be fair, everyone had a great performance against Colorado State; Martin just had his in about 10 minutes of work.

No. 7 - Kellen Moore, five touchdowns and no picks against UNLV. Oh, and that little all-time wins record.

No. 6 - Tyler Shoemaker, 10 catches for 130 yards and three touchdowns against San Diego State.

No. 5 - Kellen Moore, 85 percent completions and three touchdowns against New Mexico. Even after the New Mexico exchange rate, those numbers are pretty great.

No. 4 - Doug Martin, 301 all-purpose yards, a kickoff return touchdown, and 150 rushing yards versus Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl. Eat your heart out, Max Hall.

No. 3 - Shea McClellin, 2.5 sacks versus Georgia. Quite possibly one of the best defensive players Aaron Murray saw all season.

No. 2 - Kellen Moore, 455 yards and five touchdowns against Toledo.

No. 1 - Kellen Moore, 82 percent completions, 260 yards, and three touchdowns versus Georgia. And one extremely goofy postgame picture.


Your turn

What did you think the best performance of the year was? What performances should have made the list but didn't? Share your thoughts in the comments.