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Top 10 touchdowns of the 2011 Boise State football season

Nothing wraps up a year quite like an arbitrary Top Ten list chosen on the whims of an author who probably forgot important items that should have been on the list. OBNUG has Top Ten fever this week, so get used to seeing loads of lists and get used to telling us how or if we messed them up. First: Touchdowns.

No. 10 - Kellen Moore to a wide open Tyler Shoemaker for 62 yards on a fake screen against Colorado State.

No. 9 - Doug Martin's 90-yard touchdown run against Nevada ... that didn't count because of a phantom holding penalty. Safe to say I'm having trouble letting that one go.

No. 8 - Dallas Burroughs touchdown bomb from Kellen Moore against TCU.

No. 7 - Doug Martin's 71-yard touchdown catch-and-run on a screen pass against Toledo.

No. 6 - Grant Hedrick's 23-yard touchdown run against Fresno State. A sign of things to come, maybe? (Hedrick scoring touchdowns, not Fresno State giving up 50-burgers.)

No. 5 - Tyrone Crawford's fumble return touchdown against TCU. This play would have been higher if I did not still have a creeping sadness about any and all things having to do with this game.

No. 4 - Doug Martin's 100-yard kickoff return touchdown against Arizona State.

No. 3 - Hunter White's fumble return touchdown on a botched Air Force fake punt. Sorry for bringing it up again, Troy Calhoun.

No. 2 - Jamar Taylor's 106-yard interception return touchdown against Arizona State in the Vegas Bowl. A very thoughtful Christmas gift from Brock Osweiler.

No. 1 - Matt Miller's Hail Mary touchdown grab against Wyoming. Proof that God is a Bronco fan, if you ask me.

Your turn

What touchdown was your favorite of 2011? What scores should have made the list but didn't? Share your thoughts in the comments.