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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-22-11

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Here are the new cleats that the Broncos will wear tonight

Boise State tweeted this pic last night. The way that Nike is treating Boise State these days, it's like a pro program with all the new gear they get on a regular basis. Definitely seems like Boise State is second only to Oregon in Nike's heart.

Bill Connelly breaks down the Boise State and Arizona State matchup

It boils down to motivation which is always difficult to determine in a game like this. He likes Boise State by double digits. He'll give you a few things to watch for during the game tonight also.

New AD Mark Coyle ready to reach out to fans

Have to say I really like what we're hearing about Mark Coyle more and more. He really seems ready to engage fans in a new way and open up access to Bronco sports. He definitely sees the internet as a tool to help spread Boise State and not something that will hurt the school or programs.

Rams' Austin Pettis suspended four games for violating NFL policy on performance enhancing drugs

Well this is a big disappointment. Pettis has had a slow season and now he'll sit the last 2 games of this season and the next 2 games of next season. No word from Pettis yet on the violation.

Brent Pease will not be the next coach at Houston

Here's some good news, looks like Pease will be the offensive coordinator next year for Boise State. I'm sure that Pease will do an excellent job as a head coach one day, but I'm just not ready to part with him yet. I'm still trying to get over the loss of Wilcox and Harsin.

Andy Staples calls out Boise State for opposing the option of multiyear scholarships

And I have to say I 100% agree with him. Apparently Boise State's logic to opposing that schools can offer multiyear scholarships is that it would become one more thing a student and their family would have to consider when making a choice of where to go to school. I think that kids and their family can handle considering one more factor when choosing a school, especially when it comes to guaranteeing the education. As for creating a "culture of brokering", that ship already sailed a long time ago.

OBNUG Cares Auction Update

Items up for bid:

  • 4 Bronco posters and 2 Blue Turf Christmas ornaments - $75, ending 12/25 noon MST
  • Philadelphia Eagles hat autographed by Quintin Mikell - $70, ending 12/24 noon MST
  • Commemorative issue of The Blue magazine signed by 2009-2010 squad - $220, ending 12/23 noon MST
  • Denver Broncos hat autographed by Ryan Clady - sold for $100
  • Boise State poster signed by Kyle Wilson and Richie Brockel - sold for $175