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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-21-11

Doug Martin proves again that we all are just mere mortals in his presence (HT: Mkingery)

This video has already been posted in the Fan Shots but it is so wonderful that I thought it needed to be front and center this morning. Amazing, just amazing.

Matt Miller and Brock Osweiler clash again tomorrow night

Miller and Osweiler are both from Montana and grew up as high school rivals turned friends. I assume Osweiler is second to Miller in terms of state popularity and that the majority of Montana will be supporting the Broncos.

Boise State seniors take part in last full practice

I think I'm getting more emotional than Efaw was. This class has been arguably the greatest in Boise State history not only in quality of players but also how much and how early they played, yet I can't seem to shake the feeling that it all went by too quickly.

Ohio State slapped with one year bowl ban and additional scholarship reductions

Ohio State and AD Gene Smith were somehow shocked that there were additional penalties to their self imposed ones. Urban Meyer has to be thrilled they are playing in the Gator Bowl this year and no bowl next year. That decision alone should lead to Gene Smith being fired. Overall, things could have been much worse as USC fans know, but apparently a key witness refused to cooperate.

Norm Chow to be next Hawaii coach

Seems like a decent hire for Hawaii but a curious choice for Chow. He's gone from USC offensive coordinator to Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator to UCLA offensive coordinator to Utah offensive coordinator. However, Chow was born in Hawaii and when you're 65 and still working, there probably aren't many other places he'd rather be.

Eric LeGrand makes Sports Illustrated's "Moment of the Year"

With all the crap going on with college athletics, this is a redeeming story that is only getting better.

OBNUG Cares Auction Update

  • 4 Bronco posters and 2 Blue Turf Christmas ornaments - $75
  • Philadelphia Eagles hat autographed by Quintin Mikell - $70
  • Commemorative issue of The Blue magazine signed by 2009-2010 squad - $220
  • Denver Broncos hat autographed by Ryan Clady - $100
  • Boise State poster signed by Kyle Wilson and Richie Brockel - $150