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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-2-11

New Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle is introduced by Boise State President Bob Kustra
New Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle is introduced by Boise State President Bob Kustra

Meet Boise State's new AD, Mark Coyle

Mark Coyle is coming to us from Kentucky where he has been the Associate AD for 6 years and has a great background in fundraising and marketing. So, yes, maybe that upgraded jumbotron will be coming quicker than expected. He said all the right things in the press conference last night, especially about his number 1 priority is to keep Chris Petersen. I hope he can work on retention and not hiring while he begins his new job.

Georgia Iloka has worked to change his image and become more mature

This is from yesterday, but Chadd Cripe had a nice piece on how Iloka has matured and learned to mentor others the way veterans like Kyle Wilson and Jeron Johnson took him under their wing. Good luck, George. Can't believe it's already been 4 years.

The Heisman campaign for Kellen Moore fitting?

I don't buy this. Yes, Kellen is a meek and humble guy, but it shouldn't be on his shoulders to campaign for the Heisman. He's done his part on the field. I blame this on the AD-less athletic department and no one having a vision for a Heisman Campaign for Kellen. I don't think that he needs a billboard in Time Square or anything, but something should be done to keep Kellen's name and resume in the front of voters' minds. Hopefully Mark Coyle can realize the importance of this for future stars.

The BCS has shown some cracks, time for Mark Cuban to make another push

With all the talk about the BCS eliminating AQ's or just pitting 1 versus 2 and especially after there not being a clear cut #2 team (trust me, Alabama, there isn't one), Mark Cuban should really re-approach college football presidents with one of his ideas to spice up the game. I don't really care which one at this point, but I do like the idea of conferences without conference champions being able to set up games against other conference champions.

The Big 10 is not paying people to be seat fillers, Craigslist ad just a hoax

Spencer Hall got the guys behind the hoax to exchange a few emails and it's pretty funny. But it still confirmed what we were thinking, Spartan and Badger fans are cheap.

Bomani Jones joins SB Nation, writes first column that I don't agree with

First off, welcome aboard, Bomani! Now what are you thinking? Bomani argues that teams should not have to win their own conference to be in the BCS national championship and that the BCS has it right. I do not agree with this, especially the way scheduling has devolved where teams rarely testing themselves out of conference (with an exception being LSU this year). Teams now base their resume on their conference. But how do we know how good a conference is if they don't play anyone outside of it? For this reason, I believe that a prerequisite to being in the national championship (in this scenario, not a playoff) should be that a team wins it's conference. Thoughts?