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What I'd like to see in the bowl game (and you should too)

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Somehow there's only 6 days until the Broncos take the field and put a bow on the 2011 season. Any way you look at it, it was another successful season for the Broncos even if not every rung on the ladder was ascended. But here we are—less than a week from one last game day and one last time watching the likes of Kellen Moore, Billy Winn, Shea McClellin and everyone's favorite steroidal rodent, Doug Martin. We've talked about why this game might be better than some think, now let''s discuss our wants and desires for the swan song of 2011. We're a needy bunch, aren't we?

1) All out Blitz

Forget Prancer and Dancer (Donna and Nixon?)...the only reindeer the Broncos should look to this holiday season is Blitzen...and lots of it. Coach K might have had the most talented and deep D-line in school history at his disposal this year, but they struggled to get sacks this season after logging 6 against UGA. McClellin, Crawford, and the big boys in the middle know how to get through the line, but the sacks didn't come fast and furious this year like they did in 2010 when the Broncos led the nation in QB takedowns. Getting pressure on Brock Osweiler shouldn't be the issue, but with the young secondary struggling to hold their man for too long, the front 7 need to do more than pressure him—he needs to eat turf early and often—and at 6'8" the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

2) Doug's big encore

With apologies to Ian Johnson, there hasn't been a Bronco back that I've enjoyed watching more than #22. The Muscle Hamster has one last chance to show Bronco Nation what they'll be missing and one more chance to show the NFL scouts what he's worth (until the combine, at least). I've already shared my vision of a Martin/Burfict clash of the titans, but I'd love nothing more than to see Martin down some rage-o-hol and absolutely go off on the Sun Devils. The shockwaves from Doug's collisions should break Dennis Erickson's hip...that's all I'm saying.


We all know that Coach Pete isn't a big proponent of demoralizing an opponent, but we all started to see the smallest crack in his veneer last week when he lobbed some shots over the BCS bow. If Pete really is sick of the BCS and thinks we deserved better than another Maaco visit, he could erase all doubt by taking it to ASU. Of course, this would require a 4-quarter, no-huddle, Dan Hawkins-like approach that I'm not sure Pete is ready to embody. It would certainly make for some fun viewing though...and I think we deserve 4 more quarters of Kellen Moore, even if the game is out of reach for the Sun Devils. Which reminds me...

4) Kellen Moore curtain call

No one knows what lies ahead for the talented Mr. Moore, and God knows the winningest QB in college football history deserved one more shot at BCS glory—but thems the breaks...and you know Kellen will be ready. I think Kellen is way past the "needing to make a statement" stage of his career and frankly, it'd just be nice to see Kellen suit up in blue and orange one last time and do what he does best—win ball games.

5) Sam Boyd in blue and orange

I know you had your hearts set on a Bayou-based bowl game this year Bronco fans, and the BCS' gross oversight has been discussed ad nauseum, but there is really nothing more beautiful than a sea of blue and orange as a backdrop to another Bronco victory. The seniors deserved better, but they still deserve to bask in the glow of the Bronco Nation. It's a closely-guarded secret that Bronco fans probably travel better than any non-AQ base in the nation—so hopefully that pesky December 22nd kickoff won't dampen too many spirits. And if you can't make it down to Sin City park yourself in front of a big screen and yell at it like a crazy person. It's literally the least you can do.

Your turn

Dying to chant "SHOOOE" one last time? Wonder if there's a tackle-eligible play all drawn up for Nate Potter? What do you want to see in the bowl game—besides a "W", of course.